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Wildlife Safari

The Senja Experience invites you to take an incredible tour of the island Senja with great possibility of seeing wild animals such as moose, reindeer, seal, otters, whales, ermins, red foxes, eagles, owls, partridges as well as small mammals in their habitats natural resources.

Aurora Safari

Prepare yourself for "Hunting the Aurora Borealis" on the Magical Island of Senja. It will be an extraordinary experience between mountains and fjords in searching an unique and magical spectacle. The sightseeing of lights and colours dancing will never be forgotten.

Mountain Route to Giska

SENJA Experience invites you to know an incredible itinerary among the mountains.
Imagine a road leading to the top of the mountains and then you will see a station of machines, a beautiful lake and a tunnel. As you cross the tunnel you will zig zag through waterfalls, small fishing villages, mountains and fantastic scenery.

National Tourist Route

The SENJA Experience invites you to take a breathtaking tour!
A trail through a diversity of landscapes, white sandy beaches, small fishing villages and incredible places where high and steep mountains (up to 1000 meters) plunge deep into the ocean.

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What to do in Senja?

Senja offers a wide range of activities and variety of leisure.  Here is a little of what you can find on the Island: The Aurora Borealis in Senja Season: September to April. It is the Read more…

How to get to Senja

Although located north of the Arctic Circle, it is easy to get to Senja The main entrance is through Finnsnes, where the island connects with the mainland. Although located north of the Arctic Circle, it Read more…

About Senja

Senja is an island along the northern coast of Norway, well above the Arctic Circle, between Tromsø and Lofoten.  A destination that attracts more and more tourists, nature lovers, wildlife and especially the one who Read more…

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